The holidays are officially here. No matter what you like to celebrate, there are always fun things to do that happen only around this time of the year. While Fremont might not get the snow that other places around the country receive, we still have fun things to do around the holidays that everyone in the family can enjoy. The only hard part is trying to find or figure out what to do with your family in order to fully enjoy the holiday season. In today’s blog, Palm Academy, the providers of the best child care in Fremont, will go over some of the best family activities you can do with your loved ones this holiday season.

Holiday Lightslighted string light during nighttime

One of the best parts about the holiday season is seeing all of the amazing decorations and holiday lights everyone displays in their yards. Bundle up and take your family on an adventure to see the holiday lights in your neighborhood. Pack some hot chocolate to make the experience even more magical. You can even take a trip to the city or another neighborhood to see all of the amazing holiday lights around Fremont. There are also several outdoor winter festivals around the city that are sure to have light displays that everyone in your family will appreciate.

Ice Skating

While we probably won’t be getting any ice outside to warrant a real outdoor ice skating rink here in Fremont, there are still options you and your family can choose in order to go ice skating together. You can find several popup outdoor “ice rinks” around Fremont that use synthetic ice that mimics the look and feel of a real ice rink when using ice skates. This is perfect for ice skaters of all levels. If real ice is more your style, then the Solar4America Ice at Fremont indoor ice rink is the perfect option for you. Solar4America is also the practice rink of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) San Jose Sharks, so make sure to stay on the lookout for your favorite professional hockey players while you’re there.

Holiday Crafting

Everyone loves making fun and unique things, especially around the holidays. What better way to celebrate your favorite holiday than with some new decorations that you can use year after year. If you need new ornaments, decorations, or just want to liven up your home with some holiday cheer, then gather your family around your favorite crafting table and get started on creating amazing holiday decorations that everyone is sure to cherish for a long time. Your whole family will have a blast creating memories and fun decorations that will last a lifetime.

Make Tasty Treats

The holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones, and one of the best ways to make that even better is to cook or bake tasty foods that we don’t normally eat throughout the year. If you want to make the experience even better, let everyone in the family help. Make homemade cookies and let the kids use cookie cutters to create fun shapes. Help children learn how to properly cook at an early age by allowing them to help make dinner. One of the best ways to celebrate the holidays is to do it together as a family with lots of love and delicious food.

The best child care services in Fremont

No matter what kind of family activities you do this holiday season, if you ever need a break from the kids or if you need a reliable after school program you can count on, then Palm Academy is the perfect daycare center for you. We offer some of the best toddler care in Fremont, as well as infant care and preschool programs. Learn more about our child care services, get to know our Fremont daycare, or contact Palm Academy to take a tour of our facility today.