Here at Palm Academy, our staff is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters the learning and growth for students of all ages. Please take the time to learn a little bit about our talented teachers and staff!

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Ms. Ruth Yong, PhD

Executive Director
Education: Purdue University
Experience: 8 Years
About Me: Someone once described Ruth as an ‘Educator at Large’. She has worked in and around education for most of her career, including being a classroom teacher, a center/school administrator with a wide variety of responsibilities and a coach and trainer for aspiring teachers and entrepreneurs. Dr. Ruth came to education and child care services with over 10 years of industrial experience, which helped her approach educating children from a very different perspective.She thinks that emotional intelligence is just as important, if not more important, than intellectual intelligence in today’s world. Ruth was raised in Fremont, California, went to Mission San Jose High School, graduated with a Bachelors of Science from the University of California, Berkeley and Purdue University for her Masters and PhD. degree.

During her time in industry, she traveled extensively to different regional offices in the U.S. and overseas to conduct training certifications for upper management. She has also worked with research and development to develop a computer training module that, still this day, continues to train thousands of employees every month.

It was her family that brought her back to Fremont, California to start Fastrackids and Palm Academy in 2006. Besides dedicating most of her time to our preschool centers and children’s education, she also coaches aspiring entrepreneurs, teaches children’s Sunday school and sings in the choir.


Ms. Sophie

Education: Coming Soon…
Experience: Coming Soon…
About Me: Hello! My name is Sophie, and I am currently an intern, as Accounting Administrator, at Palm Academy. I’ve completed my education with a Masters degree in Business Administration, and I have an Associate degree in Finance. Being an Accountant is one of my dream jobs, and my nearest future goal is to get my CPA. I love being around children, seeing them learn and grow while having fun!

In my spare time, I enjoy doing yoga to keep my body flexible. I love to travel and have been to six different nations and tons of places. Getting to see a lot of different countries and places, truly broads my horizon seeing this amazing world.

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Infant Care


Mrs. Yen

Infant/Toddler Teacher
About Me: This is Yen Nguyen, who is an Infant/Toddler Teacher at Palm Academy since July, 2015. She has 18 years experience in teaching and taking care of children. She always pay attention and very patient with babies whom she loves very much. She also speaks bilingual languages: English and Vietnamese.

She earned an A.S Degree in Early Childhood Education at San Jose City College, in 2010. She has Child Development Teacher Permit from Commission on Teaching Credentialing in California Public Schools, Sacramento in the year 2011 and also an In Home Service Continuing Education Course of Study Certificate from In Home Supportive Service Public Authority, San Jose, in 2011

Besides working at the school, she loves to sing in the Worship Team at Grace Alliance Church, Milpitas, and in the choir of Bay Area Gospel Radio, CA.


Ms. Aileen

About Me: This is Aileen Yiu. She has been working with children for 8 years. She is currently working with infants at Palm Academy. She loves babies and enjoys taking care of them. Getting to see the babies grow and learn is very rewarding for her.

In her spare time, She likes to cook and go on hikes. She looks forward to work with many families and children at Palm.

Ms. Liping

About Me: This is Liping Yao. She has obtained 15 ECE units both from Ohlone College and UCLA Extension and just recently became a fully qualified Infant teacher. She has been working with young babies for almost 4 years and she loves seeing them grow every day. She likes reading and playing sports in her leisure time.

Mrs. Naeema

About Me:  She has done her bachelors in science in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. She came to the USA in 2014. She completed her 12 units in ECE from Crafton Hills college, Yucaipa, California. She started her career in North California in the year 2015. She joined Palmed Academy two years ago. Currently she is working with both infant and preschool group.

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Ms. Adoreanna

About Me: Adoreanne has been working at Palm Academy for 3 years. Her hobbies include making and selling jewelry. Before she came to Palm, she was studying at Ohlone College to become a teacher. While she was there, she earned 54 units. In her early childhood, she wanted to become a well-educated teacher. She believes this is a very rewarding career because it includes seeing a child progress so much in one year. The children learn to love and trust one another and their teacher. It is important to her that they feel validated as this will build their self-esteem and confidence. These buildings blocks are what the two-year-old classroom is all about.

Ms. Sasmita

About Me: This is Ms.Sasmita. She had eleven years’ experience working with children. This is her second year in Palm Academy. She did her Post-graduation in Political Science, minor in Child Psychology from India and finished her Early Childhood Credentials from De Anza College. She loves being a teacher. She enjoys reading to the children and hearing their responses to the stories. She enjoys doing circle time, art and science. Every day seeing their happy and intrigued faces and attitude makes her happy. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves to paint, read, and cook. She loves to help the young children develop positive self-esteem that helps them building their social and communication skills.

Mrs. Neetu

About Me: Neetu is a Pre-K lead teacher at Palm Academy. She believes teaching Kids is not a profession, it’s her Passion. She has 4+ years of teaching experience. She has done her Masters’ with majors in Accounting and Taxation. She did Company Secretary (CPA) from Institute of Company Secretaries of India. She worked in the Accounts field for almost 6 years, but she felt something missing, so after the birth of her first child she received her Master Teacher Certification from Mission College. She then got the Site Supervisor Permit and changed her profession to become an educator.

Working with kids is a very rewarding experience for her. She feels happy and content with each passing milestone of her students.

Mr. Christopher

About Me: This is Christopher Sabiniano, He has 4 years’ experience in assisting classroom management from preschool levels to 5th grade. He joined Palm Academy in 2018 as co-teacher for the 3-4-year-old preschool group. His classroom specialty is identifying and meeting children’s social and emotional needs.

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After School & Enrichment

Mrs. Amy

About Me: This is Amy and she graduated from Mingchuan University in Taiwan. She has been working at Palm Academy for around 10 years.  She has been teaching students since 2000. She loves her job and is happy to work with kids. She really enjoys seeing them learn and grow up. She believes a child’s life is the most important. In her spare time, she loves reading, art, and traveling.

Mrs. Suchitra

About Me: This is Suchitra Jayakumar, currently working as a JEI Lead Instructor and an After-school Lead. She grew up in India and she holds a Master Degree in Computer Applications (MCA) from Madurai Kamaraj University. This is her fourth year working with Palm Academy. She has a zeal for teaching and strives to spark the same excitement within her students. Her goal is to inspire the students achieve their full potential.
When she is not teaching, she enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, and spending time with her family. Her husband is a Software Engineer and they are blessed with two kids. Her daughter is a rising Sophomore studying prelaw at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Her son is a Sophomore at Mission San Jose High School.

Mrs. Aemi

About Me:  This is Aemi. She has been teaching JEI at Palm Academy for the past 4 years. Children think studying is not always the most interesting task of the day, even though it is required. She is here to change the mindset that “studying is boring”.  She believes that JEI is the right tool that will help the children build a confident approach in school. She got her teaching credits from UCLA Extension after realizing how much she enjoys teaching. In her spare time, she loves gardening, playing UNO with her kids, and watching movies.

Mrs. Boya

About Me: This is Boya and she is working as the JEI MATH teacher. This will be the third year she’s teaching at Palm Academy. She enjoys exploring with, learning about, and teaching students. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Statistics, and she is currently studying Math Education. She is so excited to help students become better problem solvers and to expose them to many mathematical skills. She cannot wait to spend time with students and grow with them!

Mr. Alberto

About Me: Mr. Alberto Gonzales has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Pontifical University of Asia, UST. He has lived and studied Japanese Language and Culture in Japan for many years. He has been teaching kids and adults alike in an International Language School both in San Francisco and the Philippines. He believes art is a good way for children to express their feelings and creativity. He also believes that if children practice creative thinking, it will enhance their academics and it will come naturally to them now and in their future career.

Mrs. Priya

About Me: This is Priyashree. She guides children to express themselves with words. You have must have guessed, she teaches English, primarily helping kids with their reading, writing, and creative writing too. She has been teaching children for the past 13 years and has enjoyed it all through. She believes that every child has an inert potential, which can be brought out by providing the right environment. Writing is an expression of the soul, so she believed she would help children in this aspect.

Ms. Madhu

About Me: This is her 13th year as a Kindergarten lead teacher and she has experience of over 30 years as a teacher. She enjoys helping kids learn and grow. She has always wanted to be a teacher since her childhood. She has a bachelor’s degree in science and also holds a degree in Fashion designing. She holds a certification in Early Childhood education from NAMC (North American Montessori Certification).
She grew up in India and later moved to Texas, teaching Kindergartners for 12 years. She recently moved to California over a year ago and joined at Palm Academy. During the course of her journey she endured many obstacles that she has solved with hard work, a positive attitude, and persistence. She believes that all children can learn and achieve great heights. She is here to help them be the best they can be. She loves her work and enjoys working with children because they are like raw diamonds which can be shaped into precious stones.

She considers herself a well-organized, hardworking and self-motivated person who puts in great effort in preparing lessons by using multiple teaching strategies to keep students focused and interested. She’s a caring, patient, and sensitive teacher who works well with students of various learning capabilities.