Initial Assessment

Your child’s Initial Assessment takes place when they first enter the program or when they advance to the next grade level. The goal of the Initial Assessment is to provide the Palm Academy PALS director and instructors with an accurate overview of your child’s academic strengths, weakness, and areas for improvement. Our PALS-trained teaching staff will then craft a personalized curriculum for your child based on their knowledge level and learning gaps. Every PALS curriculum features step-by-step, scaffolded learning focused on conceptual understanding.

Interim Assessments

Your child will then be given an Interim Assessment every four or five weeks. Interim Assessments ensure that students have retained the skills that they learned from the previous month’s curriculum and help keep parents alert to their child’s progress. If an Interim Assessment determines that a student has not retained certain concepts, they will then go over these knowledge areas until they have graspect them fully. This allows every student to go at their own individual pace — an opportunity that children don’t have during regular school hours.


Understanding mathematical concepts is essential to children’s success in school. If you’ve noticed that your child seems to be falling behind in their math skills, the Palm Academy PALS Enrichment Program can help. Each math concept is presented in small steps for ease of understanding. PALS math curriculums are fun, engaging, comprehensive, and challenging to ensure optimal retention of knowledge that they can translate into their school assignments.


Every PALS English curriculum is based on Common Core Standards to help students build a solid foundation in reading, language skills, and writing. Workbooks provide rich content that focuses on comprehension, conceptual understanding, vocabulary building, grammar, and writing. With the PALS English curriculum, your child will learn how they can harness the power of words to excel in school and in life.