There’s nothing quite like summer. Summer is time for vacation, delicious food and great friends, but with so much time outdoors, there are also many risks you should watch out for. That is why, in our last blog, our preschool center in Fremont, CA went over a couple of safety tips. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to check it out! Continue reading to learn more summer safety tips for your kids:

#3. Protect your child from dehydration.

Playing outside in the heat and the sunshine may be a great way to get your child’s energy out, but it can also lead to dehydration if you aren’t careful. Any time you are outside, always have plenty of water and sports drinks around. Sports drinks are a great option because they contain electrolytes, but you should read the label and watch out for sports drinks with a high sugar content. It’s also important to know the signs of dehydration, which include irritability, fatigue, dry mouth, cessation of sweating, and lethargy.

#4. Keep a close eye on your kids around water.

There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a hot summer afternoon in the water, but if you are planning to spend any time in the water, you should be prepared to keep a very close eye on your child, no matter how competent they are at swimming. In children younger than 4, drowning is the primary cause of death, and most of those deaths were preventable.

#5. Make wearing helmets nonnegotiable.

Kids try to get out of wearing helmets all the time, but they are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you have available. Whether your child is skateboarding, riding the bicycle or crusing on their scooter, they should always wear a helmet.