Fremont Daycare

Spring break is just around the  corner. Do have a plan for keeping your kids busy? If not, you have come to the right place. We are Palm Academy, and we are so much more than your typical Fremont daycare center. In addition to all of the traditional classes and programs that we have to offer, we are excited to say that we also offer a fun and education spring break program!

Our spring break program is the perfect option for kids five to fourteen years old, and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about hiring someone to watch your children during spring break. Although your child will have fun and learn about many different things, this spring break, we are primarily focusing on reading, writing and presenting. Your child will get the chance to let their imaginations run wild while they create their own stories. They will also get a chance to listen to stories that their classmates have written.

In addition to reading, writing and presenting, your child will have the opportunity to brush up on their math skills and get plenty of exercise. We include ample time each and every day for your child to learn, play and expel some energy. Our program is truly a great way to spend spring break.

Don’t worry about your child wasting their spring break away in front of the TV or the computer. Know that they are keeping their mind sharp and getting lots of exercise by enrolling your child in our one-of-a-kind spring break program. Visit our site today to learn more.