Do you feel like your child doesn’t pay attention to you when you speak? Do you have a hard time communicating with your child? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Communication is incredibly important for every family, but sometimes finding the right way to communicate with your kids can be difficult. The good news is that our Fremont daycare center is here to help! Our experts have come up with these tips to help you communicate more effectively:

#1. Give them your full attention.

How can you expect your child to give you their full attention if you are continuously looking down at your phone when they try to talk to you? Children learn a lot from your example, so if you want to ensure that your child pays close attention to you when you speak, give them the same high level of attention.

#2. Down down on their level. 

If you stand and talk with your child, you are basically towering over them, which can be both intimidating and distracting. Get down on their level to make yourself more approachable. This will also allow you to look directly at one another while you are talking.

#3. Ask lots of questions.

If you have a hard time getting your child to open up, try asking a lot of specific questions. Rather than asking broad questions, like, “How was school?”, ask something more specific, like, “What was your favorite thing you learned today?”. If you ask more specific questions, you are likely to get more detailed answers.

Learn more tips on how to communicate more effectively with your kids when you stay tuned for our next blog.