Preschool is an important time for children. It helps make the transition to school easier for many kids while also giving children a head start on learning important lessons. Preschool is needed for early childhood development, helping many kids gain the confidence and cognitive ability they’ll need to learn further along in their academic careers. Here at Palm Academy, we offer some of the best preschool programs in Fremont. If you’re looking at blogs in this category, then you’re sure to find topics that include tips on how to help your kids be more successful at school, the benefits of preschool, and more. Browse the topics in this category to find one that interests you.

  1. Tips to Help Your Child Be Successful at School Part 2

    No matter how young your child is, it is never too early to develop habits that can help them be successful in school. If your child is still attending our preschool in Fremont, CA, you may be under the impression that they are too young for you to start thinking about their success in school. However,  it is never too early to start working with your child to form healthy habits that can help wi…Read More

  2. What Your Child Can Learn From the Olympics

    The Olympics are almost upon us, and there are many things that your child can learn from watching them. As your premier preschool in Fremont, CA, we are always looking for lessons in everything we do. The Rio Olympic Games are starting in just a few weeks, and there are so many lessons that your child can learn from watching them. Here are a few things that you can teach your child while watching…Read More

  3. Do Time-Outs Work?

    When it comes to time-outs, there is quite a bit of controversy.  Many parents put their young children in time-out when they are misbehaving, and while many people think this is an effective form of punishment, others are fervently against it. Today, our preschool in Fremont, CA, Palm Acadamy, will be going over both sides of the argument to help you figure out if time-outs are the right option …Read More

  4. The Benefits of Preschool

    Preschool is incredibly important for young children.  When your children are young, you want to keep them close to you for as long as possible. Kids grow up incredibly fast, so it makes sense why many parents aren't sold on the idea of sending their kids to preschool in Fremont, CA. However, preschool can benefit your child in so many incredible ways! The following is a list of just a few of the…Read More