Sign up for our Fremont kids summer camp

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to start looking for summer activities for the kids to keep them learning, active, and happy during the summer months. Palm Academy in Fremont is proud to announce that we have a summer camp program that will be exciting for children, parents, and staff. We are very excited about our program and will cover it in this week’s blog. We are a day care that emphasizes education, creativity, and the development of lifelong love of learning.

Abrakadoodle® Fastrackids and JEI Learning Centers have come together to design a summer program that has something for everyone. The summer camp themes include the following:

  • Spencer Learns Sports: Children will be introduced to a variety of sports including baseball, cricket, and yoga.
  • AirBlast Steam Camp: Science, technology, and creativity come together to teach about robotics, magnetism, and puzzles.
  • Anatomy of Me: Hands-on activities and demonstrations will keep kids mesmerized as they learn about their bodies.
  • Let’s Go Camping: Classroom-based camping lessons teach about nature and mapping with lots of arts and crafts.
  • Go Green: Kids will learn about how the motto reduce, reuse, and recycle can be applied to the visual arts.
  • Under the Sea: Sea life and the wonders of the ocean will be explored by all the young oceanographers.
  • Build It: Hands-on 3-D skills and how to use tools will be taught via awesome art projects.
  • Young Scientist, Old Bones: Archeology and the life of dinosaurs will be explored through the use of modern technology and a virtual dig.
  • Superdoodle: The theme of superheroes is utilized to spur creativity and tap into your child’s super artistic skills!
  • Claws and Hooves: Kids can make friends while they learn about the animal kingdom through arts and craft activities.
  • Destination Constellation: The life of an astronaut and our universe and solar system is explored in this camp.
  • Yummy Art: Little foodies will love this camp that lets them make cupcake mosaics and make spaghetti sculptures. Edible creations will also be made!
  • Awesome Earth Adventure: The earth sciences of geology, meteorology, and other forces of nature will be introduced.
  • Artist Studio: Picasso and Van Gogh are just two of the artists the children will learn about through hands-on workshops lead by an artist from the FasTrack art studio.
  • Magnets, Molecules, and Mystery: The scientific method will be introduced and fun hands-on experiments including magnetism, flotation, and molecular changes.
  • Ready, Set, Travel: Classroom-based lessons on many of the countries of our great world. Culture, art, and foods of many cultures will be used in the lessons.
  • Read, Set, Travel 2: The follow-up to the first travel class, this travel class will “take” global citizens to even more countries around the world

Reserve your child’s spot now! Each day’s activities also includes outdoor play, snacks, and free play time. Sign up your child for all or some of the camps as your schedule and your child’s interests dictate. Call us today for more information.