Does your child have separation anxiety?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. At our Fremont daycare, we know that leaving your child is never easy, especially when they become hysterical when you are saying goodbye to them. Even if you know that your child calms down within a few minutes of you leaving, it still isn’t easy to see them crying and upset. Luckily, we’ve come up with the following list of tips to make goodbyes easier on everyone:

#1. Make your goodbyes short. 

The longer your goodbyes are, the more emotional they will be. Long goodbyes tend to lead to an increase in anxiety in children, so it’s best to keep your goodbyes short and sweet.

#2. Build a consistent routine. 

Routines are important for children because they give kids the ability to know what to expect. Try to keep your goodbye schedule and routine consistent every time. This will help diminish some of your child’s anxiety and builds trust.

#3. Always return when promised. 

One of the possible reasons why your child is so upset about you leaving is that he or she doesn’t know what you will return. If you tell your child that you will return after nap time or snack time, keep your promise! This builds trust that you will, in fact, return.

#4. Practice being away.

Get your child used to you being away by practicing! Send your children to a family member’s house, schedule a playdate or get a babysitter. All of these things will help your child become acquainted with the idea of saying goodbye to you.