Fremont daycare and child enrichment programs

When you are looking for a day care in the Fremont area there are many things you should consider to choose the right one for your family and for your child or children. The quality of the facility and the playground, the quality of the staff, and the curriculum. Another thing you should consider is the presence and character of the enrichment program at the day care. Here in the Fremont area, we are lucky to have so many great things to do with our children in our immediate vicinity and to make the most of the advantages we have, we should raise our children to be curious explorers of our world. Palm Academy offers the families of Fremont wonderful enrichment programs. We use programs from JEI Learning Center; these are what we’ll take a closer look at this week.

Day Care Enrichment Programs

  • FasTracKids

This program is for children three to eight year-old, and uses creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Kids can go through programs on subjects as varied as economics, astronomy, and art at their own pace.

  • FasTracKids Core

Using innovative technology, this program teaches children between the ages of six months and eight years, life skills and communication.

  • Abrakadoodle

This fun and educational arts program focuses on the visual arts and encourages children to explore their own creativity.

  • Chess Class

Chess is a great way for kids to socialize while they learn this classic game of strategy and problems solving.

  • FasTrack Baby Signing

Exposing babies and toddlers to sign language is a wonderful enrichment which allows children to communicate effectively while they learn to speak. Studies show that babies exposed to sign language end up having larger speaking vocabularies.

For a full list of our great enrichment programs and the schedule click here.


Raising Lifelong Learners

One of the most important aspects of all of our enrichment programs is the fact that they all encourage self-directed learning. We believe this encourages children to direct their own learning and this, in turn, creates lifelong learners. When children are allowed to pursue interests of their own choosing, they engage in what’s called “hot learning.” This is when a person shows more interest and learns more completely because their emotions, their passions are utilized in the learning process. It’s something that is commonly known, but now it has a name. We guide the children through steps of inquiry: asking questions, exploring the possibilities, and coming to conclusions. This method, once mastered on topics the child learns through exploring things they like, can be used their whole life to learn things they need to learn, but don’t necessarily have a passion for. It’s a valuable method to master and the younger children are exposed to it, and master it, the more likely they will become lifelong learners.
Of course, we also believe in the role of play and imagination in the development of the intellect and provide many opportunities for children to play freely.