Halloween safety tips from our Fremont daycare center

Halloween is a fun holiday. Not only do you get to dress up as your favorite superhero, monster, or inanimate object, but you get all the free treats you can carry. Trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, harvest festivals, and more gives people of all ages something to look forward to all month long. But like all other social gatherings and events, make sure to take precautions to make sure that your sweet Halloween doesn’t turn sour. Palm Academy, the leading child care center in Fremont, have made this blog to help give you a few safety tips come this all Hallows’ Eve.

Travel In A Group

Traveling in even a small group will deter people from wanting to mess with you. Humans, much like most animals, have a pack mentality, and when outnumbered will most likely just leave the larger group alone. Not only that, but everyone will have more eyes watching out for each other, giving every group member added safety.

Wear Bright Colors

Halloween is a time for spooky costumes that are usually dark in tone or appearance. This can make noticing you or your kids hard for drivers. Wearing bright clothes or light up accessories will help keep you and your kids safe while trick-or-treating. This also helps you and your kids stand out in the dark, helping you to notice each other when it might be more difficult.

Have A Plan

Whether you’re going out trick-or-treating, going to a party, or some other fun activity, having a plan this Halloween will help you and your family stay safe. Map out your trick-or-treat route, have a specific start and stop time and stick to it, set ground rules for how many treats everyone can have in a night. Careful planning will pay off in the end.

Other Halloween safety tips:

  • Check your kids’ candy
  • Don’t stay out too late
  • Don’t go into neighborhoods/areas you’re not familiar with
  • Never enter a stranger’s house
  • Dress according to the weather
  • Stay on the sidewalks
  • Wear comfortable shoes

Everyone here at Palm Academy hopes you found this blog helpful. If you’re looking for child care in Fremont, then the expert child care professionals at Palm Academy are always ready to help. Learn about our knowledgeable staff, find the right program for your child, or contact Palm Academy to answer any questions or to book a free tour of our facilities.