Developed Skills

“Other then Math and Reading, where he is good, our son is involved and interested in different cultures, religions, history of the world and most of all, maps, terrains and geography. He likes encyclopedias and special books on that from the library. I think Palm Academy was instrumental in developing this interest. I have to tell you this incident – once he was spraying water on the seeds we planted. The spray nozzle was set on mist. After a while he started spraying in air and as the wind came, the spray blew away. He came to me demonstrating how the water flies away and asked me why. I wanted him to find the answer so I just changed the nozzle diameter for thicker spray and showed that it didn’t fly and asked him why. He did that a couple of times and then told me that the water particle size in the mist is very fine, so the wind can carry it away but not so with the thicker nozzle size and kept experimenting with different sizes for a while. Nilesh and I were very overwhelmed by the answer and his clear thinking and logic. I wanted to tell you about this.”