When it comes to time-outs, there is quite a bit of controversy. 

Many parents put their young children in time-out when they are misbehaving, and while many people think this is an effective form of punishment, others are fervently against it. Today, our preschool in Fremont, CA, Palm Acadamy, will be going over both sides of the argument to help you figure out if time-outs are the right option for your child.

The pros of time-outs. 

Parents who rely on time-outs believe that removing a child from the excitement and giving them a few minutes to think about their behavior in a quiet place will help them calm down in a controlled way. Proponents of time-outs also say that putting a misbehaving child in time-out makes it easy to remove the child without interrupting the playtime of the other kids who are behaving as they should.

The cons of time-outs. 

There are many opponents to time-outs, and many of them believe that time-outs are used too often and too inconsistently. They also believe that some children are too young when they are put in time-outs, and they have no idea why they are put in time-out. If the child doesn’t connect the misbehavior with the punishment, they aren’t likely to change their behavior in the future, and this can cause the parent to become even more frustrated with the bad behavior.

What do you think?

Now that you understand the arguments for and against time-outs, you can make up your own mind as to what will work for your child. If you do decide to put your child in time-out, make sure they understand why and always follow through when you threaten to put them in time-out.